The Estate Gardens at Upton Grange, Dorset

A haven for peace and serenity where the Dorset hills meet the Jurassic Coast at Ringstead Bay

Nestled in a serene valley, between the Dorset Ridgeway and the beautiful National Trust Ringstead Bay, the estate’s carefully tended gardens are a haven for holiday relaxation. You will only be disturbed by birdsong or the ‘pee-ow’ of a buzzard circling high above. Enjoy these countryside views from the courtyard terrace or favourite lounger set between mature trees and shrubs beside one of the estate’s natural brooks or pools.

Watch the wildlife and birds flourish in natural habitats

Since its restoration as a holiday destination in the 1990s, every care has been given to conserving the original grange landscape and natural habitats to successfully retain the wildlife and birds which flourish in our unique part of Dorset.

During Spring and Summer, roses and other blooms tumble in fragrant profusion around the flower beds attracting an equal plethora of colourful butterflies.
While you relax around the grounds, look out for rabbits, brown hares, foxes, badgers, deer, pheasants and over 40 varieties of birds as they pass by to drink from the ponds or forage for food. Early risers may be pleasantly surprised to see some of the local population of small Sika or Roe deer drinking from the pond then leaving to roam freely.

Corfe Castle
In the evening, five species of tiny bats can be seen skimming the lawns and looping close to the courtyard roofs. The moorhens are permanent residents. They nest in the pool each year, their offspring forming trails of chirping chicks rushing for cover while children track them around the grounds. Autumn clothes the trees in gold, amber and ripe fruits which brings ever more birds and mammals into the grange gardens to feed.

Open spaces that won't stifle the youngster's holiday joy...

Expanses of open lawn and informal garden provide a considerate balance to give children space for holiday exuberance and to peer at farm livestock in the adjacent hillside paddocks.

It’s just a short walk from the grange and on to hillside footpaths. In less than a mile you’ll be admiring a view from Portland to White Nothe, then descending the coastal footpath into an adventure world of concealed smugglers’ coves.

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