Supporting local small businesses in Dorset

Your relaxing Dorset holiday depends on lots of people working hard behind the scenes.

Some of these are part of the Upton Grange team but many others work for the local businesses we partner with. Together, we help make your holiday experience memorable and enjoyable.

Here are some of the businesses that we work with.

Jurassic Coast Farm Shop

Much of the produce in our Hospitality Packs comes from the fantastic team at the Jurassic Coast Farm Shop.

Their team of local farmers have been supplying meat, fish and eggs for years. The team is committed not only to supplying the finest and freshest produce from the countryside, but also to the highest standards of animal welfare and to sustainable farming.

They’re working hard to conserve local wildlife by planting trees and wildflower meadows, while encouraging public access to the land. The glorious Dorset countryside that you enjoy on holiday only looks so good because it’s being managed, every day of the year, by our farming community.

Learn more by visiting the Jurassic Coast Farm Shop online.

Occasion Balloons Weymouth

Is it a celebration if there are no balloons? Many of our guests holiday with us to celebrate a special occasion or anniversary, and we want to help you do that in style. This is when we call on the assistance of the team at Occasion Balloons Weymouth.

They provide a wonderful variety of party decorations including inflatable numbers, bubble balloons, balloon arches, balloon unicorns and tall illuminated numbers.

Learn more about the balloons they supply by visiting Occasion Balloons Weymouth.

The Cobb, Lyme Regis

Pogles Wood Florist

A bouquet of fresh flowers transforms a room. When our guests ask for a bouquet as a gift, or simply to add colour and life to their cottage, we turn to the wonderful team at Pogles Wood.

Like so many local firms, it’s a family-owned business that thrives on supplying both local people and visitors to the area. Their flowers are brought in daily from the world-famous Dutch markets.

Learn more about Weymouth florist Pogles Wood.

There are plenty more 'must visit' places in Dorset

These are just a taste of where you can enjoy a day out in Dorset. We’ll be publishing more suggestions in the months to come.

Cake Opera

A special occasion demands a special cake. When our guests ask for a cake to be prepared in advance of their visit, we call on the services of Sarah at Cake Opera.

Sarah’s cakes don’t just taste good, they also look fantastic. She’s tackled a huge range of subjects, from the more traditional with icing swirls and flowers, through to cakes representing sports, science fiction and video games.

Learn more about Sarah’s cakes from her Facebook Page.

Thank you for supporting our small business community

Every time you stay with us at Upton Grange you’re supporting some of Dorset’s small businesses. When you go out and eat in local pubs, restaurants or cafes, or buy ice creams, or treat yourself to a souvenir from a local gallery or gift shop, you’re supporting and encouraging local small businesses.

Thank you for your support.