Christmas and New Year at Upton Grange

Lean back into the comfortable embrace of the sofa. Close your eyes. Listen to the crackle of the open fire.

It’s been another day of reading, walking, laughing and taking the occasional snap on your smartphone.

Now it’s about warmth, good food and excellent company.


Home from home for the holidays

You’re home. But not at home. Right now home is here, hidden away in the Dorset countryside. You’ve got everything you need and it’s bliss.

It’s not too bold to say this is the experience of many of our guests at Upton Grange. Particularly in the chillier months and perhaps most especially at Christmas and New Year.

When you come here at that special time of year you want to be assured that everything – down to the last detail – goes well. Our job is to make that happen.

Corfe Castle

Taking the stress out of your Christmas

Christmas can be a stressful time. Presents, decorations and food all need to be sorted before you can begin to chill out. There seems to be an endless amount to do in order to unwind into the holiday season!

Perhaps the fuss and noise of everyone else enjoying Christmas is too much. You’d prefer to escape – no tinsel, no crackers, no tree. Just comfortable peace and quiet. Maybe the opportunity to reflect, or to walk, or to make plans for the year ahead.

Whatever you’d like your Christmas or New Year break to look like, we want to help make it happen.

Let us know before you arrive, and we’ll make sure your cottage is decorated – or not – as you prefer. Talk to us about any special requirements. Maybe you want to mark some special event that happens to coincide with Christmas or the New Year.

Whatever your reason for taking a break at this time of year (and who actually needs a reason?) – we want you to have the best possible time.

Doing something different because you can

It’s easy to get wedged into the rut of doing the same thing every Christmas or New Year. Or of feeling you’re obliged to, because that’s what everyone else does.

Or maybe you always go away during the festive season – plenty of people do. It can make a special time of year even more memorable.

There’s plenty to do while you’re here in Dorset. The seaside and clifftops don’t close, and they’re much quieter than during the hectic summer months.

You may need an extra layer or two, but the weather is often much milder than you expect. Most of us know that Christmas snow is more for greetings cards than real life. There are so many places to explore nearby – whether it’s a walk to White Nothe, discovering the mysteries of Portland, or taking a wander in Dorchester.

Dorset in December (and January) has plenty to offer.

What we can do for you: Christmas and New Year holiday

Here’s what we can do for you when you stay with us over Christmas or the New Year.

  • We decorate the trees at the front of Upton Grange, to ensure that festive feel.
  • Christmas decorations – all the cottages are decorated, with the larger having a real Christmas tree set up. If you prefer not to have decorations, we’ll remove them.
  • New Year decorations – again, we’ll add or remove the holiday decorations.
  • Christmas welcome hamper – it includes Christmas crackers, shortbread, mince pies, chocolates, preserves, alcoholic beverages, clotted cream, butter and fresh bread.
  • New Year hamper – this includes a bottle of champagne and a selection of treats, but not the Christmas goodies.

If you have any special requests about the decorations or hampers, please let us know.

We accept arrivals on any day during the holiday period, except Christmas Day.

If you’re not sure of places to go while you’re here – whether it’s pubs, restaurants or walks – we can direct you to some of our favourites.

We want you to feel at home while you’re away from home.

Learn more about spending Christmas at Upton Grange, or reserve your cottage – call us on 01305 853970.